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Basic (XP1)

Battery powered, lightweight and with unparalleled reliability, the XPerience is similar to the ‘Battery Basic’ audioguide with its extremely low operational costs. And like the Battery Basic it has a welded memory (no plug in card) and a display free render making it exceptionally shock-resistant

However, this model additionally offers “on-demand” lip-accurate video synchronisation (via RF), easy collection of usage statistics, headset connection and a discreet theft-protection system.

Additional Features

1. Weather proof design – ideal for external usage
2. Includes a vocal assistant that guides users in their handling
3. Weighs just 150g
4. High quality audio on speaker or via headphones.
5. Charge free
6. Automatic recording of usage stats designed for quick and frequent collection.
7. Easy management tools,


1. Alarm system
2. Visually impaired handset
3. Tropicalisation
4. Various memory options
5. Lip-accurate synchronisation
6. Statistics