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Basic (XP2)

Designed for absolute reliability the defect rates of the Basic XP2 remain below 3% even on the busiest sites.

The unit has an integral digital 60-channel direct audio streaming system with multiple possible applications including:

• Multi-language stereophonic audio streaming for auditoriums and

• Tour-guide interaction allowing guides to directly address a group of visitors equipped with XP2 units.

The XP2 has a slightly lower (two-month) battery life but there is a ‘magic charger’ option which offers contact-free charging for up to 50 units.

Additional Features

1. Ergonomic design
2. Lightweight (150g)
3. High quality audio on speaker or via headphones
4. Automatic triggering and lip-accurate synchronisation to videos via Infra-Red (IR) or bi-directional RF.
5. Easy, wireless collection of usage statistics which are automatically recorded
6. Integrated tour guide system
7. Discreet theft-protection system.


1. Alarm system
2. Visually impaired handset
3. Tropicalisation
4. Various memory options
5. Lip-accurate synchronisation is this an option? Above it was described as a key feature
6. Statistics – similarly this.