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This highly durable unit boasts rechargeable batteries which last between 12 and 15 months depending on usage. It is particularly popular with visually impaired users who like its backlit screen and clear keyboard.
The CLASSIC offers a high quality loud speaker and dual headset jacks for device sharing between couples or parent and child. This facility can be particularly useful on a busy day!
A whopping four gigabytes of data can be stored on this MP3 unit which allows for the creation of lengthy audio programmes.

Additional Features:
1. Accepts MP3, WMA, AAC Mono / Stereo
2. Battery level indicator
3. ABS/Magnum plastic shock, fire and water-resistant
4. Theft protection system and automatic synchronisation system
5. Automatic triggering


1. Theft protection system and automatic synchronisation system available for IR and RF.
2. Automatic triggering via RF or IR (Software to edit audio content (Optional).
3. Various memory sizes up to 4GByte
4. 10 or 20 unit charging racks.
5. GPS facility