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As its name suggests the MICRO is a small and lightweight MP3 unit which is designed for traditional audio tours. It is shock, fire and water resistant.

Comparable in size to a mobile phone, the unit is lightweight and handy with a high resolution colour screen and a standard size keyboard.
The MICRO allows for the creation of a lengthy audio programme in almost any language with commentary triggering automatically at the beginning of a tour OR by the press of a keyboard button.

Additional Features:
1. Accepts MP3, WMA, AAC Mono / Stereo and has 2 headphone jacks
2. Screen size 128×64
3. Battery level indicator
4. Features Image & video synchronisation
5. Theft protection system and automatic synchronisation system
6. Software to edit audio content (Optional)


1. Triggering for alarms and synchronisation
2. Content Management Software
3. 24 unit charging racks.