Creating remarkable visitor experiences across the cultural sector

Interactive Projections

Re-create and re-imagine the past with 3D, graphic and interactive projection

ATS has designed, created and installed 3D and interactive projects at many sites across the country including Rochester Cathedral, Norton Priory and the Museum of Lincolnshire Life.

With creative ideas, high quality production techniques and the right hardware projections are a versatile media solution which can help enhance many aspects of visitor experience, from way-finding to interpretation. We have helped sites such as Rochester Cathedral , which has a wonderful collection of wall paintings including the oldest known ‘wheel of life’ painting, which was discovered partially complete in the nineteenth century. ATS managed to digitally recreate and animate the rest of the image which was then projected onto the cathedral wall.

Projections can be used to add atmosphere to empty spaces or bring inanimate objects to life. At Museum of Lincolnshire Life ATS designed a PIR activated projection of a woman into a vintage car. Once visitors come close enough the stranded maiden asks for their help to start her vehicle by performing a hand-cranking motion (which is recognised using a motion sensor). The action triggers sound effects of the engine coming to life – a fun and interactive idea brought to life by projections.

Have you got any bright ideas you would like us to create? How could projections help your site? Please get in touch.