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Family Multimedia Tours

What we do:

In today’s fast moving age of technology we understand how hard it is for heritage sites (and parents) to keep young people engaged with traditional means of interpretation. Setting the industry standard for Multimedia Tours and Family Guides, we honestly believe that our creative and technical approach is a step up from most other companies in this sector.
Having had many years of experience, ATS Heritage has established an unrivalled reputation for creating multimedia tours that engage, educate and enhance the visitor experience of younger visitors and provide an instantly recognisable and accessible platform for all audiences

How we do it:

Depending on your requirements, many of our tours are fully immersive character-led experiences that take the user on a journey that interprets the site in a fun and engaging way. For example at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life Polly Poacher (an intergalactic time-travelling schoolgirl shown at the top of this page) crash lands her spaceship and needs your help!

Although, great storytelling is at the core of our content we also concentrate on encouraging more divergent thinking within our guides using interactive elements like quizzes, games and activities. For example encouraging young visitors to paint their own version of a venue’s painting promotes creativity and participation which is sometimes overlooked in the pursuit of facts and learning objectives.

Although we create separate Family and Adult specific tours, these are not necessarily isolated experiences. We like to encourage participation between them because there’s is nothing better for us than to see parents getting drawn into the family tour because their kids are having so much fun!

Need to improve your engagement with younger visitors? Please get in touch to find out how we can help.