Creating remarkable visitor experiences across the cultural sector

App Features

We understand what makes for great visitor experiences, and we have developed some rather creative solutions that our clients really like, such as:

  • Outdoor interactive maps – to help visitors explore and discover key features & places in the landscape
  • Indoor floor plan maps – to help visitors navigate around buildings and venues
  • Map based audio trails
  • Rubaways interactive, a really neat way of presenting an image of the past – an image on screen shows your current view – rub away the screen to reveal an image, taken form eth exact same spot, but 10, 50 or 100 years in the past
  • ‘Did you know ..?’ – Short factual options, anecdotes or points of interest
  • Multiple choice quiz trails
  • Photo Points – This has worked well at one of our other sites; We include sample images and suggest (via GPS) where they can be taken
  • Social Media Plug ins– encourage visitors to share, like, tweet and email about their visit to Bolsover
  • Retail Vouchers – encouraging repeat visitors, or off-peak visitors by offering bespoke offers – ‘Wednesday 2 for 1’
  • Download on demand – links to additional content such as film/audio/pdf’s/event flyers – can all be downloaded from the app
  • GPS Maps – will show you where you are within the grounds and can even be made to trigger some content
  • Photo camera feature – take and submit photos to database – e.g. a photo calendar competition – visitors submit their best shots to be included in a calendar. This can include adding free text option to ask a question or submit anything you promote – ‘write you own poem’ competition based on objects around Dinefwr and attached a picture
  • Photo Postcard. Take a picture via the app and turns image into a digital postcard ‘I’m at Dinefwr Castle’ – then the user posts to social media sites or print off a physical postcard
  • Create children’s spotter/collection quest – for example this could be a series of challenges, questions and riddles that lead children to explore the grounds and find the answers and/or complete interactive games such as anagrams, multiple choice questions. Children will see their progress on the app as they complete each task
  • Photo Jigsaw Game. User is presented with a series of images with a missing section. The challenge is to find the spot from where the photo was taken and align the missing part (which could ‘snap’ into place using Augmented Reality, with their camera and complete the picture. The series can be added to, or even made seasonal – a Christmas, or Easter Egg Special Editions. Great way of encouraging visitors to find certain places across the site
  • iBeacons – a smart Bluetooth device located around a site that can trigger the app to show content such as an exclusive interview, or a message to point out an important fact at that location, or special voucher to redeem at the cafe
  • Push notifications – engage with your audience through push notifications, alerts to events or special offers