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Our new app builder CMS

We know that many sites would love to build their own apps but don’t have the internal resources or skills to do so, some sites would like us to build them an app but then have the flexibility to easily update content themselves.

So we’ve listened and we are now developing a brand new CMS to offer a whole range of features that will allow clients to design and build their own app and publish across various mobile operating systems and devices and make changes and update themselves. An array of design and in app interactive features will be available including:

  • Modify colours, fonts, layout, logos etc. to create a custom bespoke app
  • Choose from a range of social media ‘widgets’ to be included in your app (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)
  • Choose from a range of in app content features
    1. Image galleries (user and client created)
    2. Camera features (e.g. QR codes, digital postcards)
    3. Interactive games (e.g. collecting quests, multiple choice, anagrams, crosswords) and activities (e.g. rubaways)
    4. Floor plans
    5. Maps (Graphic and GPS)
    6. Augmented Reality
    7. iBeacon triggering
    8. Analytics
    9. Surveys
    10. In app vouchers and offers
    11. Downloadable pdf’s and other exclusive content on demand
  • Modify and update your app via online access – events pages, content pages (images, audio, video, copy), seasonal or programme related content (games, challenges, temporary exhibitions etc.)
  • Push alerts

The CMS can also be used to create apps for use on iTouch Guides.

Is this something you could be interested in? If so, get in touch and we will keep you up to date on developments.