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Inspiring content for mobile

Recent figures suggest that there are over 1 million new Android users every day and that every month 1.5 billion apps are downloaded from Google Play! Now, not every app can be ‘Angry Birds’ but there is huge potential for every site to create something extremely powerful – and that’s quite exciting.

Most apps are seen as disposable items, as quickly as they are downloaded they can be deleted. The challenge for us as app developers is to create a product that is worth keeping, something that is to treasured, reused and revisited. This is why we are continually improving our app design and usability to create an immersive experience in which our inspirational content comes to the fore.


Apps have come a long way in the last few years not just in terms of content but also in design. You are guaranteed that ATS apps offer an intuitive and responsive experience that is not just easy to use but also looks and feels great!

We work closely with all our clients on every aspect of design to create a product that reflects the purpose of the app and values of their organisation, this is not an of-the-shelf design but a bespoke creation that is tailored the same way as the content.


We have a hugely innovative team and are constantly improving the technical features within our apps; whether it is incorporating ibeacons, augmented reality or developing our Content Management System we are passionate about enhancing your experience.

Good design is about usability, and it is important to realise that sometimes less is more. We are not about adding tech for tech’s sake, we are always mindful of the end user and hope their experience will be improved.