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iTouch 4

Having achieved thousands of UK sales this unit has quietly set the standard for the most enjoyable and interactive of visits.

With its large visitor-operated touchscreen, the iTouch4 scores highly in terms of accessibility – not least because the virtual buttons can be designed in a choice of colour contrast and font size.

The shock-absorbent rubberised outer houses a unit with built-in Wi-Fi which can play video, audio, maps, games, images, text and menus.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, it has a rack mountable charging system which enables convenient storage and the charging of several machines at one time.

Additional features:

1. Large 960×640px full colour touchscreen
2. Built in 802.11Wi-Fi.
3. Durable, scratch resistant ABS plastic
4. Optional access hole for home button
5. 960×640px full colour touchscreen display
6. Dock charging connector
7. Headphone jack
8. Stainless steel security screws
9. Lanyard clips in two orientations


1. Alarm back – featuring an RF alarm module.
2. Either on/off switch on top or via special key.