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iTouch 5

The iTouch5 Multimedia Guide features a ‘Retina’ backlit full colour touch screen which delivers high definition video and audio, maps, images, text and menus.

The rugged casing is durable and scratch resistant and houses the much acclaimed Apple IOS 7 operating system which means the unit benefits from automatic updates and improvements so visitors always enjoy the best possible user experience.

A rack mountable charging system enables convenient storage and the charging of several machines at one time. It has the added feature that it’s impossible to push the units the wrong way into the charging rack!

Additional features:

1. 1136 × 640px display
2. Shock absorbent
3. Fixed on/off button with option to expose the Home button via a key, or a rubber over button.
4. Option to expose both the front and back cameras
5. Dock charging connector(lightening)that fits into iTouch Charging System
6. Headphone jack
7. Integrated speaker (with optional audioguide fitting)
8. Stainless steel security screws
9. Lanyard clips in 3 orientations


1. Retain Version with camera exposed at back
2. Retain Version with rugged fixing clip
3. Audioguide speaker front
4. Exposed “Home” button front
5. Volume buttons exposed