Creating remarkable visitor experiences across the cultural sector

Why multimedia guides?

Multimedia Guides are devices used by visitors to access all kinds of great quality content during their visit. Our iTouch Guide range provides a high-resolution touch screen handset that is lightweight and easy to use. Based on an Apple product, the devices essentially run an ‘app’ which can contain a range of audio, video, games, maps, interactives and much more built using our custom CMS app builder.

Choosing the right model.

There are a number of options that ATS can supply but our advice is to use a Multimedia Guide that has a very high resolution screen and a decent battery performance to match the dwell time of your visitors; both the iTouch5 and iTouch4 deliver are great models to consider.

Alarms & security.

At ATS we have a number of security options. Taking a credit card or a swipe is one solution that offers nearly 100% security on your player but is does delay the transaction slightly. We can also install an Alarm system based upon tags within our rugged casings. An external alarm can be made to sound if a visitor takes a device past the threshold. This approach does not reduce the transaction time but is 80% efficient.


We can provide a range of good quality headphones to match your budgets including single ear; disposable or our more robust faux-leather headphones, which were described, by one of our clients as ‘little sofas for the ears’